Producers - Our Story

As we sat idle one winter we remembered a hobby that we both enjoyed when we were young with our own families, making pure Maple Syrup. This began our journey to what is now known as Thompson's Sugar Shack llc. We started this family hobby of producing Maple Syrup in 2004 with a few buckets hungs on our trees and a small wood fired evaporator.

family photoOur first season we made 35 gallons of Maple Syrup for our family, friends, and neighbors. Over the years our hobby has grown into a family business called Thompson's Sugar Shack llc. We still hang our buckets on the trees every year and continue to make our Maple Syrup on a wood fired evaporator. Today we make hundreds of gallons of Pure Maple Syrup with larger equipment, more taps and we offer a wide variety of delicious maple products for our customers to enjoy.

Our family would like to thank you for making us your one-stop-shop for all your pure maple products!